Preschool (3 years)We know that the years before school are a time when children can develop a love of learning and solid foundation for their future academic success. Our program is designed to help preschools gain the basic skills that will help carry them through Pre-Kindergarten and beyond. Through numerous activities, including circle time, small group curriculum based activities, and music and movement; students will be well prepared for their upcoming school years. Early literacy skills are taught daily, so that when your child leaves the program they will be able to do things such as write their name and letters and numbers, recite the days of the week and months of the year, and recognize a variety of sight words. Sweet Angels provides a curriculum that is well-rounded and includes programs not seen at other preschools, such as teaching the alphabet, numbers and basic words in sign language and Spanish.

The preschool rooms at Sweet Angels are bright and inviting, welcoming your child to come and learn in a safe and comfortable environment. Age-appropriate and educational toys are available for children during free times, and our staff is there to help guide interaction and spark imaginations while children play with them together.

Our highly-trained and caring staff will not only help prepare your child for school academically, but will also help foster their social and emotional development. Your child’s day will include time to play with friends outside and do arts and crafts activities. These times will help preschoolers develop gross and fine motor skills, as well as practice sharing and communicating with others.

My day at Sweet Angels . . .

From: 6:00am
To: 8:30am

Self-interest & Breakfast:

Welcome to your day at Sweet Angels!

As preschoolers arrive they are greeted by their teacher and can put personal items away in their cubby. This is a free time where they can explore the room and self-select books and activities. This is also a time where they can enjoy a nutritious and balanced breakfast with their teacher and friends.

From: 8:30am
To: 12:30pm

Circle Time: This daily meeting gives preschoolers a chance to pick a classroom job, learn calendar skills like days of the week and months of the year, and practice letter, word and number recognition in English, Spanish, and Sign Language. All while having fun!

Small Group Time: Preschoolers will be able to go to several different learning centers throughout the room. These will focus on building early literacy, math and science skills. They can also use the sensory and dramatic play areas at this time.

Gross Motor/Outdoor Play: This is a time for preschoolers to stretch their muscles and gain coordination.

Lunch: We provide a hot and nutritious lunch that includes milk, fruit, vegetable and a different entrée each day.

Story Time: Children take time to unwind before nap time and enjoy a good book with their teacher.

From: 12:30pm
To: 2:30pm

Nap Time:

This is a time for tired preschoolers to rest. Many children sleep, but the children who do not wish to sleep can do a quiet activity at this time.

From: 2:30pm
To: 3:00pm

Wake up and Snack:

Children are treated to a delicious and nutritious afternoon snack.

From: 3:00pm
To: 3:30pm

Music and Movement:

Preschoolers will participate in hands-on songs that promote learning through music. They will be having so much fun, they will not even realize that they are learning about counting, letter sounds, and other important preschool concepts!

From: 3:30pm
To: 6:00pm

Outdoor Play and Self-interest:

Children will get time to explore in our outdoor play yard, and will choose frm a variety of age-appropriate activities and toys while they wait for pick-up.

There are many program goals in the preschool years. Some of these goals are as follows:

Social development

  • Building self esteem
  • Encouraging good manners and to adapt in small and large groups of children
  • Learn phone number, address, and name

Motor Development

  • Activities such as cutting, coloring, drawing, painting, puzzles and sand and water play will aid in the development of small motor skills
  • Activities outdoors such as climbing and playing on playground equipment will aid in the development of large motor skills

Language Development

  • Developing pre-reading skills
  • Music skills through songs and rhythm instruments
  • Recognize and recite the alphabet and numbers 0-12
  • Printing letters and numbers
  • Learn name address and phone number
  • Printing name
  • Follow directions (verbally and written)
  • Learning opposites
  • Learning the days of the week and months of the year
  • Recognize Pre-Kindergarten Dolch sight words

Other additional Programs include:

Spanish and Sign Language

Children have an innate ability to learn any language, especially at a young age. Our Spanish and Sign Language program is designed for children ages 3-6. Research has proven that teaching a second language has a positive effect on intellectual growth and enhances their mental health. It will open them to another culture and help them to develop in social and academic areas such as pre-reading, writing, math skills and even music. We believe a second language provides invaluable advantages for now and in the future.

Some of the goals will include:

  • Numbers
  • Alphabet
  • Sight words
  • Family
  • Food
  • Weather
  • Colors
  • Basic greetings
  • Seasons
  • Days of the week
  • Animals

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