New EnrollmentsWelcome to Sweet Angels Daycare and Preschool. We are pleased that you have chosen, or are interested in this program for your childcare needs. Here at Sweet Angels Daycare and Preschool we provide quality childcare in a safe, loving and professional environment. We have excellent staff and their number one goal is to meet the needs and abilities of each child's physical, emotional, intellectual and social development.

All of our teachers are qualified early childhood professionals who have met strict enforced state standards. Each staff member must also pass a thorough check of references, health exam and state screening, before the state will approve them to work for Sweet Angels Daycare and Preschool.

Our environment is hands-on, educational, and of course, FUN! Our desire is to assist and encourage each child's ability and skills throughout every stage of their development. Your child will have a safe, clean and healthy place to grow and learn.

Children learn through play. We will provide many opportunities for them to "discover" things about the world they live in. Children are really very bright and need to be treated as special individuals with much to share. Each child brings a new and exciting personality to the center and we try not to stifle their personalities, but to nurture it, and guide them in areas where they need guidance.

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