Infants (6 weeks to 18 months)6 weeks to 18 months

At Sweet Angels, we recognize that the needs of each individual infant are special and different. Infants are constantly growing and changing as they become their own unique child, and we excel at recognizing and taking care of their ever changing abilities and needs. Since each infant is unique, so is their care plan, because our well trained and caring staff partner with parents to help create a routine that is individualized for your baby. Staff works closely with each family to create feeding and sleep schedules so that Sweet Angels can become your infant’s home away from home.

The families in our infant program can expect their child to be immersed in an environment that is safe, homey, and full of opportunities to explore the world around them. The room is full of soothing colors and age appropriate toys that help infants develop their sensory and motor skills. Our staff also provides an interactive and engaging curriculum that incorporates music, stories and small group activities.

Sweet Angels provides each family with a daily report sheet that outlines their infant’s day. It will let you know when and how much they ate, detail diaper changes, and provide information about when and how long they napped. It also acts as a communication tool that staff can write on throughout the day to inform you of any observations they made about your infant. This allows you to know the routine your child is following throughout the day and is a great way for staff and parents to share in the physical, social and educational development of the infant. Parents are also welcomed to call or stop in anytime throughout the day to check in on their child.

The following are just some of our program goals for our infants 6 weeks - 18 months at Sweet Angels Daycare and Preschool:

  • make eye contact
  • move arms and legs during play
  • observe simple pictures in book
  • show feelings of happiness or sadness (ex. smiling)
  • reach out, hold or swat at toys objects
  • Turns eyes and head toward the source of sound
  • play peek a boo
  • starting to pull themselves up to a sitting position
  • recognize familiar faces
  • play with toys
  • mimic familiar actions and sounds
  • feed self (finger foods)
  • pick up or push large objects
  • recognize familiar words
  • uncover hidden objects

As the children grow and develop through the many stages of infancy their accomplishments flourish. The following are program goals for infants 12-18 months:

  • bring self up to a standing position
  • drop items into a small opening
  • crawl or move well from one point to another
  • understand familiar words
  • look at picture books
  • roll a ball
  • tear paper
  • speak a few words and understand familiar words
  • stack blocks
  • follow simple directions
  • move to music
  • understand simple directions
  • feel differences in temperature, taste and smell
  • match simple shapes
  • push, pull or carry toys while walking
  • hand a toy to someone.

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